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“I’ve been a member of the New Coach Connection for a little over a year. As a new coach just starting out I had a ton of questions. Rather than spending hours searching the Internet for answers, I turned to the NCC. I honestly have to say, I have never been disappointed. Not only did I get great answers to my questions, but I didn’t feel “dumb” asking questions that I know some of the more experienced coaches have been asked over and over.”

“Now that I know some of the answers to the basics, I am once again delighted to be learning more advanced strategies to grow my business. The forum participants are so generous with their time and their advice that I feel like I have my own personal mentors ready to help me! New Coach Connection is the preeminent forum to learn, grow, and prosper.”

Tammy Landau, The Un-Career Coach
Gilbert, Arizona
Website: Summit Professional Coaching
Blog: Career Brain Drain

Let’s face it – the world of business can be hard. Especially for those of us in the helping professions. All we want to do is help people. And make a living to support ourselves and our loved ones. So we enter the world of business.

It’s easy to find information about how to start and run a business. Just Google “start a business” and you’ll get millions of websites to look at. You’ll find free information and information that costs a lot. You’ll find honest marketing courses, and you’ll find scams. You’ll choose to use some information that you’ve found, or you won’t. But will you find information on running a coaching business?

It’s also easy to find information about getting coaching training. Again, just a Google search away. But do you need training? Do you need certification? Will the training show you how to run your coaching business? Will you learn how to get clients –quickly?

It’s not so easy to find a place that talks about both the business skills and the coaching skills that you need to make a living. You can do a Google search on “coaching and business skills” and you’ll find mostly coaching training — again. That’s not an easy place to find.

But wait — you’re already there!

The New Coach Connection is the safe place to land for new coaches and for more experienced coaches. New coaches can ask questions in a community that values questions. When you truly know that no question is stupid, it’s easy to ask. Ask questions about coaching situations, business set up, marketing techniques, co-creation, free sessions to get clients, resources for advanced training, technology for automating your business, and anything else you want to know.

The New Coach Connection is a community of – and for – coaches. Life coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, nutrition coaches, marketing coaches, clown coaches, and more. Our community also welcomes virtual assistants and other business owners who support coaching businesses.

We have one basic foundation – that our community resides in a safe place. That means that members are secure with the knowledge that any question they ask will be responded to with honesty and compassion. There will not be any response out of hatred – for gender, race, weight, ethnicity, religion, or any other.

We are the coach’s safe place to land. The one place where you’ll find support, encouragement, and insight from a community of coaches, virtual assistants, and other business owners.

Join us now by clicking the link immediately below – or by clicking the link in the upper left part of this window. We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our community!

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